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Read What Our Respected Director And Principal Says

From The Director✍

In my position as a pioneer of the prestigious Pleasant Valley School, I owe certain obligatory responsibilities. As such with my varied educational experiences, I have thought it essential to express my personal views related to education. In my humble opinion education is never given rather imparted when students are inspired through the various methods to create curiosity and placate the quest for knowledge. When a stream of wisdom overflows from the ocean of the preceptors, it brings a fundamental quake in the whole edifice of the character of a student, having thrilled round development, especially in his academic moral behavior. The teachers who are character builder’s an honesty in their work not reluctantly but sincerely and are careful not to make their pious work professional. Teaching is not a profession, it is a way of life, a system of life, whereas the work of a student is ethical, systematic and he/she is expected to be more dedicated to his/her assignment, our emphasis is to create conceivable atmosphere and abilities among the students to perceive the system of thought involved by their teachers to use that effectively in life situations. No imposed or imitated way of life can lead the student to the pillars of success. Hence I prefer and grace the students to specialize in the trade which they have often in tune with their curiosity and interest. The interest could neither be imposed nor dictated, it could only be motivated by observing all activities of a child. Once the decision of parents or the teacher is imposed upon the children, they may easily forget their mental status. Children are born with their caliber, instinct, or originality, Some of them are born artists, some are born administrators and leaders and a few of them are born followers. 

L.K Singh - Secretary/Director​
Arvind Kumar - Principal

From The Principal ✍


Pleasant Valley School is a symbol of progressive and quality education. “Our motto”, we build the citizens of tomorrow “captures the essence of our spirit . In our school, children will gain all-round education and achieve their potential not just in the academic field but also in the field of sports and creative arts.

Pleasant Valley school aims is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where gifted and talented students are encouraged to explore their potential and achieve their personal best in all aspects of school life with their holistic approach. Most importantly, at the school, we are a team of dedicated teachers and staffs, committed to the welfare of the children in our care.

We have well established library, Smart class and Laboratory not to see the students but to use the facilities. We have high developed computer laboratory Each and every students is practice on separate PC.

Our aim, is to make education a fun filled, enjoyable, learning and growing experience on the solid foundation of values. We believe that it is important to create an environment where Students look eagerly forward to come to School. We develop and personalise the curriculum. So it is relevant, engaging and challenging for each Students. We extend areas of strengths, Support, area of weakness and attend to see the emotional social and physical well being of every learner.

I wish everyone to become successful) in life with the values aligned. The growth of each individual students is our focus. Our Motto to excellence is work together and learn together to achieve the best.

Committed To Provide Excellent Education

Pleasant valley school -“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.

Boost Your Career by Learning Skills.

Pleasant Valley School Prividing The Best Eductaion System



Pleasant Valley School prepares students easily grasp the curriculum of English medium from the grass hood level.



Pleasant valley School prepares students easily grasp the C.B.S.E Pattern and make the most of the learning system.



Apart from the best education system “Pleasant Valley School” also focus on developing the necessary skill in their students.

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